Down The Rabbit Hole

Hello!  I’m back to share with more Wonderland fun, food, and goodies from my daughter’s Mad Hatter Tea Party.  Did you see the post last week featuring the outdoor party decor?

Today let’s talk about the table scape.  The design goal?  Emulate that crazy table setting you see in Alice In Wonderland. And that requires A LOT of stuff.  I started with an embroidered white table cloth that was my grandmothers and used a smaller pink satin quilted blanket on top of that. Yes, you read that right, I said blanket. Who says you can’t use blankets on a table? If I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have known! Down the center of the table is a green moss table runner from the floral department of Michaels.

I added a couple of bright colored flower arrangements in oversized mason jars and tied with a heart themed ribbon.  Inside the mason jar (to hide the flower stems) is green Easter grass from Pier 1 Imports It looks like real grass!


And then came the plethora of tea pots, tea cups, saucers and plates.  How do you get all this stuff without breaking the bank?  Garage sales, antique shops and second hand stores are great places to start.  There’s also no shame in borrowing from friends and family.  That’s how I came up with a variety of teapots.  The cute white bunny votive candleholders, flower napkin rings and cloth napkins were all great finds at Pier 1 Imports. The chargers are from Michael’s and came in pink, turquoise, white lace and platinum. I bought them all! The variety of shapes and sizes were perfect for stacking on top of each other. I added the saucers and teacups and the table was really starting to come together.

IMG_5931 2

Michael’s had these great glass vials, that I filled with Mike n Ikes and “Eat Me” tags.  As part of the table decor and parting gifts, I made framed place cards for all the guests.  The girls really loved that part.  They felt special having their own special place to sit and pretty frame to take home.

On the light fixture above the table I hung a variety of pink tissue pom-poms, glittered heart ornaments and a playing card garland that I had made with ribbon and a deck of cards.


Ok, so now for the food. Lunch was provided, which included turkey sandwiches, butterfly and heart shaped watermelon pieces (psst…use cookie cutters!), heart shaped strawberries and grape caterpillars.  Thank you Pinterest for that fabulous idea!  See the grape caterpillars here:  I forgot to get a photo of mine before they were all gobbled up.  They were very popular.  When I made mine, I used small candy eyes which can be found in the cake decorating aisle and stuck them on the grape with white frosting.


Then there was the rice crispie treat playing card soldiers, Cheshire cats tails compliments of  @treatsbytaryn, Alice Wonderland theme cookies from @thetalentedcookieco and colorful sour candy kabobs form @sweetsindeed.  They were all so beautiful and tasted really yummy!


I made red velvet cupcakes, topped with cream cheese frosting and giant felt roses displayed around a mason jar of heart ornaments and an amazing top hat from Mini Top Hat Boutique.


I had a blast planning and decorating for this party.  We truly fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland that day, ate yummy treats, had some great laughs, and fun times celebrating with my daughter.  Wonderful memories were made that day, and that makes it all worth it.







One of the Faces Behind PPL

photo (12)

Hi everyone!

Brandi here! I am one of the two gals behind Paper Plane Lane. Before getting into the boring details of who I am and how I became part-owner of PPL, I want to say THANK YOU to all of our supporters! We could NOT be where we are today if it weren’t for each of you guys–our family, our friends (near and far) and our online family!

I was born and raised in a very small town in Louisiana–Breaux Bridge to be exact. Breaux Bridge is the Crawfish Capital of the world! I am pure Cajun with a hint of Spanish (thanks to my grandmother)! I live in a wonderful part of the world–the food, hospitality, culture, music,  and most importantly the people are all very unique! It is tradition for most to stay near home–if you do leave, everyone knows you’ll be back! I, on the otherhand, have a desire to experience the world-wanderlust is definitely in my bones! As we all know, life doesn’t go as planned! and of course, LIFE happened…..

Fast forward some time —I am now a single mother to a very handsome young fella–Jon Ethan. He just recently turned 6 years old and everyday I thank GOD that I was trusted to be his momma!  I worked my way through college while supporting the two of us (wheeewwww I’ll never do that again)  and finished with a degree in Accounting! Those were some of the hardest years of my life, but through my FAITH, handwork and desire to succeed, I made it through!

Now, how exactly does an Accountant end up being the part-owner of an online children’s boutique you ask? Well, the desire to follow my dreams of being a small business owner –is how! Stacy and I are first cousins by blood, but best friends by choice! She started doing research on designing clothes and before we knew it we were opening an online boutique!

I have to be honest, she is the creative-mind/stylist behind the scenes  and I am the business lady and we thought to ourselves…what better partnership? Wouldn’t you agree!?

I have written this post about 5 different times. I can be a little bit of a perfectionist at times and I can get distracted very easily, but I promise I will NOT edit any further and will finally post for you guys!