Allons Manger…Let’s Go Eat

I gotta say…these last two weeks I’ve been spoiled in the food department! One weekend in New Orleans followed by my birthday week which gave me 2 nice dinners followed by a home cooked meal from my mom! Turning 25 (again!) wasn’t so bad.

My husband took me to dinner on a Tuesday. Random I know, but when you have 2 kids, no school the next day, and someone offers to babysit…you go! You run out of the door!!!! And that’s what we did. We decided on Tsunami downtown. And it didn’t disappoint! You could take me there every day and I’d be happy. Unfortunately I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures of my food (usually I’ve already taken a bite or two) so I didn’t snap any pics. But it was amazing as always. We started with drinks; I ordered a Fushimi. I can’t remember the ingredients, but it had cucumbers in it, and I love cucumbers in my cocktails. We also got some sake because why not! For an appetizer we went with Gyoza, which is an amazing little pork dumpling with umami sauce. For our meal we only ordered 3 rolls which is an accomplishment for us since we usually order 5, eat way too much, and walk out with shame and regret! But we were good…I ordered a spicy tuna because I ALWAYS order a spicy tuna roll at Tsunami; you can’t go wrong with it. We also ordered the candy cane roll (no cream cheese, I can’t stand cream cheese in my sushi) and for the life of me I can’t remember the last roll we got. But it was good. All of it was good as always!

Friday night we got lucky again and had a night kid free! And even though my birthday wasn’t until Sunday, we decided to celebrate that night instead. We had time to spare before our dinner reservations so we stopped at Tap Room for a beer. And since it was almost my birthday I wanted my favorite beer…a Red Hoe (aka a Dirty Hoe). Yeah, what a great name for your favorite beer, right?! But it’s delicious. It’s half Hoegaarden and half Framboise. It is $9 for a pint but sooooo worth it.
For dinner we headed to Pamploma. I’ve only been there once or twice and my husband had never been, but the food was always great. My cocktail was the Peacemaker; gin, cucumber, blueberry, and pineapple, OH MY! For appetizers we went simple with the ciabatta loaf and charcuterie board. Both amazing! Although one of the cheeses was a bit too stinky and moldy for me, but I was a trooper and tried it. For those that don’t know, Pamploma is a tapas restaurant which means smaller plates and portions. I like this concept, that way you can get a few things to try and share. We went with the Half a Hanger, a sous vide hanger steak basted in butter, and the Mac-N-Smoked Gouda, their mac-n-cheese baked to perfection with bacon!!!! I will say I was a bit disappointed because two of the items I REALLY wanted are no longer on the menu…but we still had a good evening.

The following day I took the kids to my moms house for the night. I might be married with kids of my own, but my mom still treats me like I’m 10 when it’s my birthday. That means I get to pick whatever I want for dinner and she’ll make it!!! (Yup, I’m spoiled).  I chose lasagna and meatballs!! And she didn’t disappoint! We had to trick the kids and tell them it was a spaghetti cake for my birthday…it didn’t work. I don’t know what it is but my kids WILL NOT eat lasagna; spaghetti, sure, but not lasagna. My mom even picked up cupcakes, fruit tarts, and cannoli! It was a great night. I was stuffed and in bed by 9:30 (that’s when you know you’re getting old!). But since we slept over I even got breakfast. My mom always makes some sort of great breakfast on the weekends. Sometimes it’s homemade waffles or French toast. We went with pancakes. She even asked if I wanted regular or Mickey Mouse (which was the ONLY way I’d eat pancakes as a child). I was tempted to pick the Mickey ones (which are pancakes in the shape of Mickey ears) but I went with regular; it was my birthday and I was a year older…I was trying to act my age!

Overall it was a good birthday! I got to eat well, be with family, and relax which is all I can hope for! Quick recap for the restaurants if you’ve never been…Tsunami is located on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette; so is Pamploma. Tap Room is in River Ranch in Lafayette right off of Camellia Blvd near Kaliste Saloom. And I’m not telling you where my mom lives because I don’t want to share my lasagna!!!

Red Hoe from the Tap Room
image1 (1)


image1 (2)

Half a hanger and Mac-n-smoked Gouda

image2 (1)

Lasagna, meatballs, and salad at moms

image3 (1)


A is For Apple Farms

As August comes to an end, I get more and more excited for Izzy to experience his first Fall! Fall is my absolute favorite season; the weather is just PERFECT, and I love the turning of the leaves along with fresh apple cider.
We actually have an apple farm nearby our home; it’s maybe a ten minute drive! They recently opened back up for the season, and although it’s only August and probably the hottest month here in South Carolina, we had to go visit.
The apple farm has free entrance. They have a cute country store with fresh picked apples, apple cider, apple fritters, pies, drinks, candles and decor as soon as you walk onto the property. They also have some baby farm animals {cows, goats, chickens} along with some older farm animals {turkeys, donkeys, pheasants}, a fun play area for kiddos big & small, TWO corn mazes {long & short}, a mini cart hay track, hay rides, gem mining, and you can pick your own apples {or pumpkins when in season}.
We took Izzy around to see all of the different things and he LOVED it! It was his first time hearing little hens cluck, and little goats have a conversation with his daddy! {Seriously though; my husband was like the goat whisperer!}
Then we let him play in the teepee, tunnels, and found out how tall he was! I can’t wait to take him back around Labor Day when they have their Apple Festival and again in October for their Fall Pumpkin Festival!! I just know he’s gonna love it even more. I am all about Fall and festivals and farms…I could go on!
What do you like to do with your littles in the Fall? Are there any festivals or places that share their love for Fall in your town? Me and Izzy would love to hear about them!
Kelsey + Izzy
@Radlittleizzy on IG

Fall Fashion

As we put away our shorts and sun hats and say farewell to the Summer, we welcome Fall! A new season brings new opportunities, new weather, and let’s not forget about the NEW clothing trends! Because yes, even in California the weather gets a bit chillier come Season change!

Small shops are beginning to showcase their Fall/Winter lines with us and I can’t wait to share a few of my favorites with YOU all! From comfy and cute to warm and unique, here is a list and sneak peek into a few shops’ Fall/Winter lines! This will give you an idea on where to get the ‘it’ clothing for your little’s this coming season! Take notes, there may be discount codes involved!

This shop always has stood out to me with its fun and quirky designs, and their Fall/Winter line is NO exception! I’m so excited to see some Halloween movie inspired pieces in this shop’s Fall 2015 drop! Check out what they have to offer for our kiddo’s this Fall season! Use code: FIFTEEN for 15% off!


Chazing Arrows
This particular shop I know by their oh-so comfy harem shorts and exciting pattern designs, BUT that is not all they offer! They have pulled out all of the stops and also offering leggings, shirts, rompers, and more! Their pieces are at the top of my list for comfort and quality alike! This is just a taste of what they will have to offer this coming season! Use code: FREESHIP15 for FREE shipping valid until 8/23!

Radical Kid Co.

I first knew this shop from the amazing infinity scarves they offer, but they have SOO much more now! I’m happy to see a shop come out with stylish and super comfortable sweats! These are a definite necessity for the up and coming Fall season! Check them out and use code: INSTAGRAM for 10% off!

unknown (1)

Now that you have read into and seen a small glimpse into each shops Fall/Winter collection, you have but one thing left to do- SHOP! Happy shopping friends!

A Night in New Orleans

I was pretty lucky this past weekend…I got to spend 2 whole nights in New Orleans! I was going for a concert, but I’ll take any opportunity there to eat, drink, and eat some more. (Thanks mom for the early birthday present!!) Unfortunately 2 days isn’t enough to go to all of my favorite places. I settled for a couple and the rest were more out of convenience, but it was still a great trip!

Our first mission was day drinking but avoiding Bourbon Street. So we went to Poydras and settled on Happy’s Irish Pub then Walk-Ons once we needed some food. Both have a decent beer selection and the cheese fries from Walk-Ons are pretty yummy. So I had a couple of Angry Orchards and a Blue Moon.

Next up was dinner. I’m a fan of any John Besh restaurant, so we headed to Lüke. The best time to go there is during the winter months when oysters are in season, but the food was still amazing as always. I wasn’t too hungry so I went with corn and crab bisque (delicious!) and the Salad Lüke. Both were great choices. Cocktail wise I started with a French 75 then ended with Prosecco.
After dinner we headed back to the hotel and stopped at the Sazerac Bar inside the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel. And of course we ordered Sazeracs!

Thanks to my alcohol consumption the previous day I wasn’t in the best shape Sunday morning. But I put my big girl pants on and kept going. I skipped breakfast and by lunch I was starving!! After walking around for a bit and not being able to decide where to go (go figure) we stumbled upon a small restaurant called Saint Lawrence on North Peters. I’ve probably passed this place tons of times while in NOLA and just never noticed it. But it’s worth the stop. I ordered the Smothered and Covered; house cut fries smothered in Tasso-chicken gravy with melted sharp cheddar! It was amazing and just what my stomach needed at that point. They also have a great craft beer selection and make a frozen Pimm’s Cup daiquiri. Not to mention their staff was really friendly which is always a plus.

Next was rest time! I needed the nap, but the concert was later on and we knew we’d need to eat an early dinner. The rain was starting so we decided to eat in the hotel. We were at the Hyatt Regency and they have quite a few restaurant options. We went with Vitascope Hall. It is basically a nicer version of a sports bar with a good variety of food. They have seafood, burgers, po-boys, and even a full sushi menu. I wanted something lighter and went with a spicy tuna roll and cucumber salad. I decided to lay off the alcohol so I could last through the concert.

The concert was AMAZING! Deftones and Incubus and neither disappointed. It was super hot and it rained and I had to stand in a giant crowd for 6 hours…but worth it!!

I had planned to drive straight home the next morning, but when you’re in NOLA you HAVE to stop at Sucré. Trust me! You will not be disappointed. Their chocolates are to die for. Any of their desserts are amazing. But you must get their macarons. They have their original flavors like chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, hazelnut, and few more; but they also have seasonal flavors! My favorite are the king cake ones, but since it’s not Mardi Gras I settled for their summer ones. This summer it’s apple pie, watermelon, blackberry lemon, and peaches & cream. Apple pie was definitely my favorite. And after spending more money on macarons than I did for any one meal in two days, I needed to get out of there!!

Overall it was a great trip. Next time I go I’ll be sure to plan my meals a bit better and try some new places…but I’ll survive! I have my big box of macarons to hold me over.

First beer of the trip at Happy’s


Lüke- corn and crab bisque, French 75, Prosecco


Sazerac Bar


Smothered and Covered from Saint Lawrence


Vitascope Hall’s spicy tuna roll and cucumber salad


Way too many macarons from Sucre


Training Inspired Mentoring Evolved

TIME…from one momma to another!

Yes, you can say I have an entrepreneurial spirit. My mind is constantly spinning with ideas. So when Miranda @mirrrandaseius approached me about starting a social media marketing company together you can bet I jumped on it like a hot potato! I had been brainstorming on how to start up a company very similar to what she was pitching to me so I figured why not partner up with her and see what our two minds can come up with. And here I am. Blogging about my new business venture!

We officially launched yesterday, August 18, 2015. Miranda had organized the famous Share the Success Workshops for six months prior to making this into a flourishing business. I mentored many shops during this time; I enjoyed this very much! It was always a joke between the two of us if I didn’t hear from her regarding the workshop for the week, I was being “fired” for doing such a horrible job. I better be on my toes now, because Miranda has every right to fire me now that she is my true boss ! We have hosted 10 workshops, mentored just at about 100 shops, worked with 3 mentors (other shop owners such as @birdsandbunny, @littlearrowco and of course,my self @paperplanelaneboutique) and have more mentors being added to the list            ( @modernburlap @noxxaz @riverbabethreads ) as we move along. We are working with others to add to the team as well!

On Monday, we hard launched two programs:

the famous Share the Success Workshops where we set up a session between a mentor and a momma (or a poppa) to discuss a defined topic such as how to gain followers, authentic followers, networking, how to be a brand rep, how to decide on brand reps, and starting up a shop or any other online business venture! We plan on adding many more workshops to the monthly calendar: bookkeeping, customer service, photography w/ @mattjlandry , collaborating and many many more! As we see fit, we will be changing up the workshops offered to reach as many mommas as possible!

the second program we hard launched was our Big Brother Big Sister program. This is a program designed for a more one on one feel. Miranda, myself and the shop determine what is wanting to be accomplished and we pair them up with a mentor who then works with them on a close basis. This program is designed to be tailored to the indiviiduals needs.

We soft launched our Social Media Account Management program on Monday as well. This program is designed to help those shops (large or small) who just do not have the time to manage all their social media accounts. Between Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, it can be a extremely time consuming. But if you want to create a huge social media presence you need to be active on as many platforms as possible. Especially with the rule of posting 3-4 times on average daily.  We plan to help manage these accounts with the help of social media marketing interns as we add them to our team!

It is our goal to share all of the knowledge shop owners, big and small alike       ( networking with other shops in these workshops has proven to be extremely beneficial.. an added bonus!!!), have to offer. We all were once in your shoes, from thinking about starting up a shop, to just starting up the shop, to needing to expand your wings. There’s nothing more rewarding then helping those who seek help. We want to train, inspire, mentor and evolve with you to help your business flourish in this ever-changing market.

We have many more programs we will be offering so be on the look out for what’s to come! So when you see these graphics around IG and Facebook make sure to take a look at what we have going on!


Until then, much success,


P.S. Sign up for our monthly newsletters by sending us an email at letting us know you want to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with success stories, updates and new programs rolling out, top trending hashtags, feedback from our services, both good and bad (take it easy on us now), and we’ll also be randomly doing shop shares… and whatever else we feel YOU need to know!


IG FAV @tylerhuan

Well, it’s time for another IG FAV. This time we bring to you one of my top picks of ALL TIMES… Mr. Tyler all the way from Malaysia! Here’s what his momma, Haze, has to say about this little fashion star and while we’re at it, we’ll share a few of our fav photos of him with you….

My name is Haze and I am Tyler mama , we are from sunny island Penang Malaysia . Tyler is 21 months old turn 2 in few months time , can’t believe my baby soon to be TWO, how time fly without I am realize it . I am a stay at home mom , basically I am work for my little boss Tyler , 24 hour , 7 day per weeks. I am fully enjoys every single moment with him. Tyler is a happy , cheerful and active baby , he on the move most of the time , he love outdoor activities. Tyler help mama feed and walk the dogs daily . Tyler love his furry friend , he play with them most of the time . 

image1 (1) image1 image2 (1) image2 (2) image3

Organize and Save School Papers

Here we are again at the beginning of another school year and swept into the whirlwind of stress that brings. One of the things I can’t get over is how much “stuff” the kids bring home from school each week. Ok, it’s great to see their work, art, graded homework, etc. But add that to printed school announcements, reminders, event flyers, after school program info, and on and on and on let’s face it, I’ll be buried in papers in no time flat…. So how on earth do we stay on top of this!? Keep reading 🙂

My kids (1st & 3rd graders) bring home a “Friday Folder” full of stuff and the teachers want the folder back empty on Monday. I try my darndest to get that out of their backpacks on Friday afternoon, but I’ll admit it’s usually Monday morning when we’re emptying that thing out in a hurry. And that’s because one of my kids is freaking out because they won’t get their Spirit Star or Golden ticket or whatever their collecting to earn their way to the class Treasure Box!!  So where do those papers go when you can’t sort through them right that second? Into a sorting basket of course! I have a rectangular basket it goes into where it waits patiently to be sorted.


I can’t stand stuff piled up on my counters or tables so this basket works for me. Then one evening, I’ll sit down and go through it. You don’t want to wait too long or the next thing you know you’ll find the reminder for picture day that was the day before, Yikes! I separate the papers out by child and only keep what I feel is worthy of memory keeping. This stuff goes into a 12”x12” plastic container with my child’s name on it.


Ok so what’s next is up to you. How should you plan to do your memory keeping?

Here are several suggestions:

  • Photo album with actual school work pieces put in it.  This is the quickest solution, especially if you are using sleeved photo album pages.
  • Take photos of work and put those photos in the album and discard that actual school work pieces.

This takes more time and effort, but if you have the Becky Higgins Project Life app that I blogged about previously  (, you can easily make photo collage pages featuring the school work:


  • Put all the work for the year together and bind it.


For all of you crafters out there, pull out your Bind It All or Cinch machines and get busy. For those of you who don’t have the binding tools, don’t want to get them, or aren’t interested in doing this yourself, No worries! That’s what places like Staples, Office Max, or Kinko’s is for. Take your collection of ORGANIZED papers and they’ll bind it for you.

If you are going to make a point to save this stuff, then it’s important to make it so that these memories can easily be enjoyed at a later date. If it’s all stuffed in a box somewhere, it will be there when your kids move out and you’ll be trying to hand it off to them. Not good. They won’t want a box of piled up papers from grade school and you’ll be wondering why you bothered saving it in the first place.

Find what works for you and you’ll be in good shape all year!