Natalie Patterson @haleyschmalley

We are The Pattersons. Ben, Haley, Noah, Kai and of course Natalie. We are a family that call many places home. We have moved a lot and love going to these new places, seeing the sights and meeting new people. We are a very close family and enjoy basketball, football and because of the one little girl we are now interested in ballet. We could literally spend everyday on the beach.  We have a weekly ritual of grocery shopping on Saturdays as a family. Religion is a big part of our family and we spend Sunday’s with each other and our extended family.

Natalie and I have been blessed to be able to  rep for awesome shops in the IG community and have met great people. Natalie is a singer, dancer, and a Jedi all rolled into one little package. She’s obsessed with My Little Pony and all things princess. Our lively curly haired little girl has a huge personality and she’s has never met a little girl that wasn’t her new BFF. She’s got an outgoing personality and she loves her family

image2 (5)

image3 (3)

image1 (9)



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