Allons Manger…Let’s Go Eat

I gotta say…these last two weeks I’ve been spoiled in the food department! One weekend in New Orleans followed by my birthday week which gave me 2 nice dinners followed by a home cooked meal from my mom! Turning 25 (again!) wasn’t so bad.

My husband took me to dinner on a Tuesday. Random I know, but when you have 2 kids, no school the next day, and someone offers to babysit…you go! You run out of the door!!!! And that’s what we did. We decided on Tsunami downtown. And it didn’t disappoint! You could take me there every day and I’d be happy. Unfortunately I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures of my food (usually I’ve already taken a bite or two) so I didn’t snap any pics. But it was amazing as always. We started with drinks; I ordered a Fushimi. I can’t remember the ingredients, but it had cucumbers in it, and I love cucumbers in my cocktails. We also got some sake because why not! For an appetizer we went with Gyoza, which is an amazing little pork dumpling with umami sauce. For our meal we only ordered 3 rolls which is an accomplishment for us since we usually order 5, eat way too much, and walk out with shame and regret! But we were good…I ordered a spicy tuna because I ALWAYS order a spicy tuna roll at Tsunami; you can’t go wrong with it. We also ordered the candy cane roll (no cream cheese, I can’t stand cream cheese in my sushi) and for the life of me I can’t remember the last roll we got. But it was good. All of it was good as always!

Friday night we got lucky again and had a night kid free! And even though my birthday wasn’t until Sunday, we decided to celebrate that night instead. We had time to spare before our dinner reservations so we stopped at Tap Room for a beer. And since it was almost my birthday I wanted my favorite beer…a Red Hoe (aka a Dirty Hoe). Yeah, what a great name for your favorite beer, right?! But it’s delicious. It’s half Hoegaarden and half Framboise. It is $9 for a pint but sooooo worth it.
For dinner we headed to Pamploma. I’ve only been there once or twice and my husband had never been, but the food was always great. My cocktail was the Peacemaker; gin, cucumber, blueberry, and pineapple, OH MY! For appetizers we went simple with the ciabatta loaf and charcuterie board. Both amazing! Although one of the cheeses was a bit too stinky and moldy for me, but I was a trooper and tried it. For those that don’t know, Pamploma is a tapas restaurant which means smaller plates and portions. I like this concept, that way you can get a few things to try and share. We went with the Half a Hanger, a sous vide hanger steak basted in butter, and the Mac-N-Smoked Gouda, their mac-n-cheese baked to perfection with bacon!!!! I will say I was a bit disappointed because two of the items I REALLY wanted are no longer on the menu…but we still had a good evening.

The following day I took the kids to my moms house for the night. I might be married with kids of my own, but my mom still treats me like I’m 10 when it’s my birthday. That means I get to pick whatever I want for dinner and she’ll make it!!! (Yup, I’m spoiled).  I chose lasagna and meatballs!! And she didn’t disappoint! We had to trick the kids and tell them it was a spaghetti cake for my birthday…it didn’t work. I don’t know what it is but my kids WILL NOT eat lasagna; spaghetti, sure, but not lasagna. My mom even picked up cupcakes, fruit tarts, and cannoli! It was a great night. I was stuffed and in bed by 9:30 (that’s when you know you’re getting old!). But since we slept over I even got breakfast. My mom always makes some sort of great breakfast on the weekends. Sometimes it’s homemade waffles or French toast. We went with pancakes. She even asked if I wanted regular or Mickey Mouse (which was the ONLY way I’d eat pancakes as a child). I was tempted to pick the Mickey ones (which are pancakes in the shape of Mickey ears) but I went with regular; it was my birthday and I was a year older…I was trying to act my age!

Overall it was a good birthday! I got to eat well, be with family, and relax which is all I can hope for! Quick recap for the restaurants if you’ve never been…Tsunami is located on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette; so is Pamploma. Tap Room is in River Ranch in Lafayette right off of Camellia Blvd near Kaliste Saloom. And I’m not telling you where my mom lives because I don’t want to share my lasagna!!!

Red Hoe from the Tap Room
image1 (1)


image1 (2)

Half a hanger and Mac-n-smoked Gouda

image2 (1)

Lasagna, meatballs, and salad at moms

image3 (1)


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