Training Inspired Mentoring Evolved

TIME…from one momma to another!

Yes, you can say I have an entrepreneurial spirit. My mind is constantly spinning with ideas. So when Miranda @mirrrandaseius approached me about starting a social media marketing company together you can bet I jumped on it like a hot potato! I had been brainstorming on how to start up a company very similar to what she was pitching to me so I figured why not partner up with her and see what our two minds can come up with. And here I am. Blogging about my new business venture!

We officially launched yesterday, August 18, 2015. Miranda had organized the famous Share the Success Workshops for six months prior to making this into a flourishing business. I mentored many shops during this time; I enjoyed this very much! It was always a joke between the two of us if I didn’t hear from her regarding the workshop for the week, I was being “fired” for doing such a horrible job. I better be on my toes now, because Miranda has every right to fire me now that she is my true boss ! We have hosted 10 workshops, mentored just at about 100 shops, worked with 3 mentors (other shop owners such as @birdsandbunny, @littlearrowco and of course,my self @paperplanelaneboutique) and have more mentors being added to the list            ( @modernburlap @noxxaz @riverbabethreads ) as we move along. We are working with others to add to the team as well!

On Monday, we hard launched two programs:

the famous Share the Success Workshops where we set up a session between a mentor and a momma (or a poppa) to discuss a defined topic such as how to gain followers, authentic followers, networking, how to be a brand rep, how to decide on brand reps, and starting up a shop or any other online business venture! We plan on adding many more workshops to the monthly calendar: bookkeeping, customer service, photography w/ @mattjlandry , collaborating and many many more! As we see fit, we will be changing up the workshops offered to reach as many mommas as possible!

the second program we hard launched was our Big Brother Big Sister program. This is a program designed for a more one on one feel. Miranda, myself and the shop determine what is wanting to be accomplished and we pair them up with a mentor who then works with them on a close basis. This program is designed to be tailored to the indiviiduals needs.

We soft launched our Social Media Account Management program on Monday as well. This program is designed to help those shops (large or small) who just do not have the time to manage all their social media accounts. Between Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, it can be a extremely time consuming. But if you want to create a huge social media presence you need to be active on as many platforms as possible. Especially with the rule of posting 3-4 times on average daily.  We plan to help manage these accounts with the help of social media marketing interns as we add them to our team!

It is our goal to share all of the knowledge shop owners, big and small alike       ( networking with other shops in these workshops has proven to be extremely beneficial.. an added bonus!!!), have to offer. We all were once in your shoes, from thinking about starting up a shop, to just starting up the shop, to needing to expand your wings. There’s nothing more rewarding then helping those who seek help. We want to train, inspire, mentor and evolve with you to help your business flourish in this ever-changing market.

We have many more programs we will be offering so be on the look out for what’s to come! So when you see these graphics around IG and Facebook make sure to take a look at what we have going on!


Until then, much success,


P.S. Sign up for our monthly newsletters by sending us an email at letting us know you want to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with success stories, updates and new programs rolling out, top trending hashtags, feedback from our services, both good and bad (take it easy on us now), and we’ll also be randomly doing shop shares… and whatever else we feel YOU need to know!



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