Taking Flight…

Hi there guys…this is Stacy, from Paper Plane Lane, and I am going to tell you a little story!  My husband and I have a deep and ever growing love for anything creative.  For me, that included, design and fashion (although you wouldn’t know it by seeing the way I dress…hahaha!).  My children, however, are ALWAYS on FLEEK!  I have been trying, by the hardest, to incorporate the coolest of slang into my daily jargon!

Anyway…because of this ever growing love for design and fashion, my dream is to design kids clothing.  I have always wanted to have a boutique filled with the latest kids fashion trends that are not produced in mass by department stores!  Sure you can go to Gap, Old Navy, Crew Cuts, and Target to find some cute looks.  However, it is shopping and purchasing various pieces from several different stores that create a outfit that is “on fleek”.

When I was pregnant with my second child, Breaker Miles (check out his fabulous style here – IG @mattjlandry), many of our friends and acquaintances kept telling us “you dress your little girl so CUTE, but you will have a hard time finding cute clothes for little dudes.”  I was always shocked when people would tell me this…I had been waiting for a little dapper dude for so long.  I just knew that he was gonna be the BEST Dressed!!! This is when I became obsessed with finding the latest handmade, cute kids fashion from some RAD Instagram Shops.  I began to discuss my desire for this dream to become a reality with my cousin, Brandi.  We had talked about creating a collective online children’s fashion boutique, focus on dapper dudes, but never really went forward with it.  One day after Brandi, got off of her 8-5pm corporate accounting job, she came to our house and she went on and on about how she didn’t enjoy punching a clock anymore and wanted more freedom.  This is when…my dream started to be come a reality.

Ok, so…let’s talk about how we came up with the name Paper Plane Lane.  My husband, Matt, had been obsessed with paper planes for quite some time! He was determined to have them as part of the theme for Breaker’s Nursery…and as you can see from the images of Breaker’s Nursery below………paper planes were a huge part of our inspiration.  The creation of his room is one the fondest memories I have with my husband and our besties (Heather and Heathe of @banannieabands).  Breaker’s Nursery was featured in On to Baby…Children’s Online Blog. Come fly through Breaker’s Nursery:


Room3 Room1 Room Room4 Room5 Room6 Room7 Room11 Room10 Room9 Room8

Once we decided that this online children’s fashion boutique was going to happen…we started to contemplate what the name should be.  My husband, Matt, all the while knew he wanted paper planes to be part of the theme.  One day while we were sitting on the couch looking at Pinterest, he kept showing me logos created with planes.  We saw some amazing designs and thats when we knew that paper planes would definitely be a part of this new journey.  We were so EXCITED….and yes this is corny…we live on Chicago LANE.  I shouted, “Paper Plane Lane” out loud cause we live on Chicago Lane…an the name was BORN!


Stacy Landry



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