IG FAV @quincyandskylar

Quincy and his momma are Brand Reps for us over at @paperplanelaneboutique! Here’s what she has to say about her little fella:

Howdy! Quincy also know as Lil Q is 5 years old and has a personality as sweet as candy🍬. He is the oldest and big brother to his little sister Skylar and very protective of her. He loves playing soccer, basketball and video games. He will be going to kindergarten in a couple of weeks and will miss being home with mom and sister. Quincy loves to dance his favorite dance is “watch me whip watch me Nae Nae”. He is a mommas boy. He does not like any kind of bugs, getting dirty or getting scrapped knees. He also does not always like taking photos have to bribe him with letting him play a video game or something he loves to get him to at times you would think the older they getting the more willing they would be. For more photos and a little glimpse of our life follow us @quincyandskylar.

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