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Gunnar (simply referred to as Gun most often) is a 6 year old with a heart of gold. Most often you can find him in his room reenacting Paw Patrol episodes or feeding, walking, and tending to several of his more than 30 stuff animals. He will be going into 1st grade this year and is most excited about getting to do some real science experiments since he’s always wondering how things work. Outside of school, Gunnar has been playing drums for a year and a half and just started his journey in the entertainment industry earlier this year which he’s been having a lot of fun with.
Unlike the stereotypical boy, he does not enjoy getting dirty or playing with bugs which is perfectly fine for his mama who also happens to dislike those things. He’s extremely easy going and the most well mannered kid a mom could ask for. While he doesn’t always love having to take pictures, he will graciously oblige. Some of his “favorites” include: dark blue, pizza, carrots and hummus, cats, getting packages in the mail, cuddling with mama, and Garfield. When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman (which is quite the change from when he wanted to be a cat 3 years ago)
IMG_3623 copy….meow!
                                          IMG_5245 (1) Photo (1)

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