Marquee Love with the Kids

Hello, hello!  Apryl with you today to share a little Marquee Love!  Heidi Swapp has these great DIY Marquee letters available at stores like Walmart, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  They come in A-Z, and some assorted shapes like arrows and hashtags and are around $12.  Marquees are all the rage right now in home decor and  the DIY version is perfect for those of you who want to add your own style and flair.  This DIY kit is really simple.  So simple the kids can do it.


What it is, is a plain white letter that comes with a letter template, the lights, and the bulbs.  The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating these.  If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry.  There are Heidi Swapp Paper pads, washi tape rolls in the perfect sizes, glitter and Marquee glue to get you started.  For this letter, my daughter and I began by tracing the S (using the provided template) on to the glitter paper.  We also marked the holes.


After cutting out the letter from the glitter paper, we punched the holes out with a hole punch.  The holes are an important detail to remember because that’s where the lights go!

We then took a roll of Heidi Swapp pink and white washi tape to cover the outside edge of the letter.  This washi tape is the perfect width and you just roll it out and smooth it along the sides, careful not to get air bubbles,  It’s easy to lift up if it takes a couple of times to get it lined up just right.

IMG_8356   IMG_8352

Once the decorating is done, it’s time to get the lights in.  The bulbs simply push down into the holes and fit nice and snug.  On the backside of the letter is where the string of lights go in.                 \                                                                                            IMG_8361

Most letters will stand up on a flat surface or can easily be hung on the wall.  My daughter Sydney proudly displays her first initial masterpiece on the wall in her room.


Hope this inspires you to create some Marquee decor of your own with your kids, or on your own.  Have fun with it and be creative!




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