The Day I Lost My Son

Yes, that’s right I lost my son (or so I thought) but only for about 10 minutes

Minute 1- Thinking to self- I don’t like letting him out of my sight.

Minute 2- Thinking to self-Should I go check on him?

Minute 3-Thinking to self- No, he hasn’t moved from the same spot the last 30 minutes

Minute 4-Thinking to self-Stop worrying

Minute 5-Thinking to self-Gosh, I can’t help but worry

Minute 6-Thinking to self-Where’s Jon?

Minute 7-slowly walk towards area he was in hoping no one sees the shear terror in my eyes

Minute 8-Thinking to self-walk faster, canvas every room in Museum

Minute 9- Thinking to self-think like a 6 year old boy

Minute 10-PANIC! Reach out to his cousin who is very LOUD to help find Jon….. walk faster, sweat a bit, struggle to breathe, walk faster, think about the worst case scenario, walk even faster….and then

Emerson has saved the day; my at-times very anti social 6 year old was building barriers around himself using soft blocks behind a wall that I never even thought of.

Every minute since that moment-thank you sweet baby Jesus for my precious blessing from above. Oh, and he’s never leaving my sight again…. as long as I can control him anyway! 


Hope all is well on your side of the world,



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