IG Fashion Fav…Kourtney @sewfulloflove

Our next IG Fashion Fav is Ms. Kourtney… she’s seen below rocking’ our Bubble Skirt by the @miniclassy and top by Caroline Bosmans. Here is what her momma, Monika has to say about her little FASHIONISTA….
Kourtney is a 6 year old little firecracker. She was born and raised in Sunny Southern California with her older sister Aliya and little brother Brandon. She has a crazy dog named Astro and a fish called Unagi. (yes, like the sushi) lol!
She loves to dance, do crafts and of course…take pictures. When you ask her what her favorite color is, it’s HOT pink…not just regular Pink. haha! Kourtney loves school and cant wait to start 2nd grade this coming school year. Though, she is probably more excited to see all her friends again 🙂 
This girl loves to eat (like her mama) haha 🙂 Her favorite food is probably pepperoni pizza. But that was not always the case. Before she was 4, she couldn’t eat many items due to her food allergies. Thankfully she grew out of many of  them (like her dairy and soy allergy). However she is still extremely allergic to Peanuts and Tree Nuts. 😦  
But her allergies do not stop this girl from being the crazy, wild child she is! She loves to be silly and loves to laugh! Kourtney loves her family and her favorite time is snuggling in bed with them.
If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, it’s between being a Teacher, a model or a princess. You can be whatever you want Kourtney!
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Stay FLY,

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