Exercise with Littles:{Lunges + squats + planks + lifts}

I don’t know about you, but if you were anything like me during pregnancy- you put on some weight. I went from being 175 pounds (I was in the process of being healthier when I found out I was preggo) to delivering my 6lb 12oz baby boy at 266 pounds. My doctor was in shock during the beginning of my third trimester when I had managed to gain 30 pounds in just under a month. A closer look revealed I had polyhydramnios and the start of preeclampsia. I enjoyed just about all of my pregnancy but during those last few weeks, I was ready to meet my little guy. None of my clothes fit, I spent one night crying because I literally couldn’t get off of the living room floor without my husband helping, I had elephant sized cankles, and EVERYONE would ask me how many babies I was having. BTW, it was ONE guys, just one baby! So, after Isaiah was born and I was off of my two week restriction from the c-section, it was time to get to work!
In the beginning, losing weight was easy! I was exclusively pumping because little man couldn’t latch, and I was keeping busy with housework and chores and the numbers on the scale we’re going down. But then as my supply dwindled when Izzy turned 5 months, the numbers on the scale stopped changing too. Now it was time to actually do some work. Because it had been a WHILE since I had done any form of real exercise, me and the hubs started with walking. We’d pack up the diaper bag, load Izzy in the car and go to the park down the road that had a walking trail. We would walk just about everyday, unless it rained or we had plans to go out. The numbers on the scale started going down again; for a little while. Then I was stuck again. And still over 200 pounds. I was so frustrated and my hubs would calmly tell me, it takes work; it takes time.
Nowadays, Izzy wants ALL of everyone’s attention, ALL of the time! He’s just at that age where he wants to play and wants the people around him to be fully engaged with him. So when it comes to exercise, I’ve got to be creative!
Izzy helps me do four different exercise moves and since he weighs 22 pounds- it’s hard work! We usually start with planks. While I am planking, Izzy hangs out right in between my forearms and we talk and make silly faces. Most days, planking consists of at least five grabs at my face and hair while my core starts to shake! But we make it through.
Next, we move on to squats! This is one of Izzy’s favorite moves. I start with knees bent at a 90 degree angle while I hold Izzy in front of me, against my chest. Then as I move up, I bring Izzy out away from my chest and up above my head; all while making rocket noises of course! He also loves pretending to be Superman. Most days we get in 15 reps. (This kid is heavy, remember!)
After squats, we bust out some lunges. I keep Izzy close to my chest for these too, and every other time that I go into a lunge, I dip Izzy upside down for a second. His giggles make it all worth it! I try to get in 10 reps per leg when we do lunges.
And finally, we end our mama and me workout with lifts. These bad boys give me jell-o arms. But I should have some killer arms by the end of the year for sure! I lay on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the floor. Izzy starts out sitting on my core with my hands under his armpits. Then I lift Izzy superman style! After I bring him back down I thrown in some tickles, and sometimes when I need a couple seconds break in between lifts we play peek-a-boo (one of his favorite games).
It’s all a great way for me to work my way to being a fit mama, but more importantly- we have fun! I spend one on one time with my little guy, work out my body, and show my sweet babe how to be active and healthy! Plus I’m finally down to 202 pounds! (Getting closer to pre-pregnancy weight one step at a time!) It’s basically a win for everyone.



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We hope you give our mama & me workout a try. Leave a comment and let us know how it went, or other ways you get in exercise with your little!
Kelsey + Izzy

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