Quality over Quantity

We are all too familiar with the term “Quality over Quantity” and that’s exactly the kind of saying that comes to mind when purchasing from @jaggedculture. As a shopaholic and loving everything fashion savvy, for this Fashion FriYAY, I’m acknowledging a company in particular, that literally had me at “Jagged”. A brand dedicated to the little Rock Stars.
I’m a very detailed kind of person, sometimes too detailed. However, I’m also a firm believer that detail is everything and this is another reason the products from @JaggedCulture is worth it! Hand cut & hand sewn makes no piece alike, which identifies its’ uniqueness.
Pictured below is their Tuxedo Jacket which is a MUST HAVE! A piece I define as fully functional in which it can suit both the casual look and the dressy! This was customized with my kids names on the back, however they are sold without customization.

So to all Kids who Rock Fashion, grab a piece to add to your Rockin’ closet from @jaggedculture or @kamarikids! 
Love to Love,



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