5 Quick & Easy Exercises for the Mom on the Run

It’s no secret that carrying a child does a number on your body. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with having our old body back after the bundle of joy makes that grand entrance. Most of us have to accept the #mombod. For me, I gained a ton of weight….More weight than I am comfortable with to be honest. I lost more than half within the first couple of weeks after delivery, but I had a good bit left before I could get back to pre-baby weight. 

For the first few months after the little arrives, life is well…. chaotic to put it nicely-  diapers, bottles, sleepless nights, cranky babies- all of it can frazzle you to no end. But, all the craziness does come to an end and eventually you do start to think about yourself and YOUR wants once again. 

I became a single mom when my son was 18 months. I was a college student with over a year left to graduation and the VP of an organization on campus. I was BUSY. I was TIRED.  I had NO TIME! So those were my excuses.  I’ll start my healthier lifestyle AFTER I graduate I told myself. 

Well, its been 3 1/2 years  AFTER graduation and I am just getting around to living a healthier lifestyle. Why? Because I was full of EXCUSES!  Now as a single mom, I own a children’s boutique,   Paper Plane Lane do some private accounting AND recently started doing some Social Media Marketing. It’s VERY EASY for me to say that I do not have time BUT this time I decided to throw the excuses out the window and add fitness to my life . 

Here are 5 ways I use to squeeze being active into my daily life:

1) Do 50 squats  while brushing your teeth- BOTH morning and night. – takes some practice- my best advice is imagine your going to sit on a bench. Start with your arms behind your back, as you bring them in front of your body, squat down and sit on that bench! Watch this video: 

How To Do A Squat

2) Before bath time, do 50 lunges on each leg- make sure to place your hands on your hips to help with balance!  Watch this video:

How To Do a Lunge
3) Everytime you decide to open the refrigerator- do 1 min plank- on each side- yes EACH side- and the BASIC plank- that’s ONLY 3 minutes of your life at a time, you can spare that! I bet you think twice about opening the refrigerator again!  Core strength helps with lower back pain mommas- I suffer a good bit with lower back pain, adding planks has helped tremendously! 

How To Do A Plank
4)  Do 250 jumping jacks throughtout the day- try to get in 50 at a time- babies think this is the funniest ever- use it as a form of entertainment and to get some cardio in! 
5) Do 250 jump ropes throughout the day- try to get in 50 at a time- this is also a form of entertainment for the little as well! I spent many days jump roping in my home with an infant. He’s finally at the age that he wants to learn to exercise with his momma! Score! 

Be on the look out for my fitness goal for the rest of the year… Coming soon! 

Until then, keep working on your #mombod ladies! 



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