Me and my hubs love to camp! Even if its just in the yard.
Towards the end of summer and ALL through fall, we are constantly pulling out our tent to camp.
Now, things have changed. Slightly. Now, we have a 7 month old little boy. How do you camp with a 7 month old?!?!?! Well, its actually not as hard or crazy as you think.
Since this was Izzy’s first time camping, we just camped in the yard. {Lame, I know, but it was a test run!} We still had everything ready just like we normally would, and we had a BLAST!
Izzy loves being outside, so while daddy set up the tent he just hung out and played with his toys, and watched the trees move in the breeze. Once daddy had the tent set up it was just us, our sweet little family of three, having good old-fashioned family time. We enjoyed each others company, took a walk, and had a nice time outdoors enjoying nature!
We definitely plan on taking this happy camper up to the mountains with us next month, and can’t wait to share that trip with everyone too! But until then, check out some photos of Izzy’s first “camping trip” {in the yard}, and a simple checklist of our favorite must-haves for camping with an infant!

*Babyganics is our go to for bug-spray & sunscreen {I even used it when I was preggo with the Iz-meister last summer!}

*Battery operated fan for inside the tent {We live in South Carolina & man- IT’S HOT!}

*Izzy’s Food Pack: Water bottles for formula, baby food squeezable pouches, and {of course} Puffs

*A couple of easy to clean toys

*Wipes, disposable diapers, plastic bag for dirty diapers

*Lightweight baby clothes & onesies
Kelsey + Izzy




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