Phone Photo Tips 

I’m all about being creative. Not just with paper, scissors and glue but I have also found this be true when it comes to taking photos. I’m not one for lugging around a fancy camera and a bunch of lenses (my hubby does that). I’m a big fan of using my phone. We just recently took a road trip to the Muir Woods, Yosemite, Mammoth and Zion National Park and the photos opportunities were endless….It was such a blast! I’m going to share a few of the photos I took on the trip an how I did it.The first thing I must say when taking creative photos, is think outside of the box. You’d be surprised the shots you can get when you stray away from the traditional thought process. Look for interesting items and angles, especially in a place like Muir Woods where your photos will all be of a bunch of trees. Take the time to do something different, the result is well worth it.  

Take a photo on an angle. It adds some visual interest to an otherwise typical photo shot of two people walking the path.  

Muir Woods


Set the phone on the ground (inside a log) and tap the screen so that the focus is at the other end of the log.
Yosemite National Park
Use the railing along the trail to steady your phone; In this case, the phone is on the lower rail, almost to the ground. I didn’t worry about the blades of grass in the way, because I was looking for a different viewpoint than what you would usually see. Take the time to stop along the way, crouch down, get low and don’t worry if you can’t even see the screen of your phone. Take several shots and tap the screen in various places to attempt to get the “money shot”.  


                                                            Yosemite National Park
Place the phone on the object itself. In this picture, I set the phone down on the log itself, tapped the screen at the bottom so that the focus would be on the leaves instead of the trees. I’ll have plenty of tree shots, but this pile of decaying leaves is a fascinating detail in this environment not to be overlooked.


Muir Woods

As we were leaving Yosemite National park, on the way to Mammoth) it was getting overcast and rainy. Some may think this is a horrible time to take photos, when in reality it can create some great lighting opportunities. This photo I took out the car window. I steadied the phone on the edge of my window, tapped the tree to adjust the focus and snapped a couple of shots. I only had a few seconds to do this while we were waiting in line to exit the park.  
So be adventurous with your photo taking and take a lot of photos. As easy as it is to take a bunch of photos, it’s just as easy to delete the bad ones. While we were on the road to the next destination I would review the photos I took, edit and delete. Keep up on this process of deleting so you don’t find yourself so overwhelmed with photos that you don’t do anything with them. In a future post, I’ll share with you how to easily get your fantastic photos from your phone and into photo albums in a snap


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