Summer Safety with Your Littles

As a first time mama, I’m always on the hunt for advice/tips/do’s/don’ts for caring for my little guy. This is our first summer and Izzy just turned 6 months at the beginning of June. We live in the south, so the heat and the sun can be a big problem. {Just the other day, the heat index was 100!} So I’ve searched high and low for the best advice and tips on keeping littles safe and comfortable in killer summer heat and sun!

First up; When NOT to go outside.

Basically I’ve found that anytime between 10 AM and 5 PM is too hot and the sun is too harsh for littles. Going out before 10 Am and after 5PM is better for babes due to cooler temperatures and a less harsh sun. The worst time to be outside is between 2-4 PM when temperatures P E A K. So you can best bet, between 10 AM and 5 PM you’ll most likely find me and Izzy inside playing with toys…or food!


Shade is going to keep littles out of direct sunlight {which protects their sweet soft skin}. Plus, you and your little will enjoy your outside time better in the shade…and so will your camera! 😉 If you don’t have a big tree to sit under, bring an outdoor umbrella or make a DIY blanket shade canopy!

FullSizeRender (3) (1)

{Izzy loves being outdoors, so when we do go out in the middle of the day- if it’s not too hot- we find a nice shady tree and hang out for a little while!}

FullSizeRender (2)

Next up: Sunscreen<<

This is kinda obvious. If you have a babe 6 months or older, lather them up with sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or more! There’s no way any parent wants their sweet little to have sunburn, so if you plan to be outside, rub on the sunscreen frequently! And if your babe starts turning red, pack it up and head inside!

This goes along with sunscreen…protective clothing!

They say cotton is best because its lightweight and breathable. But if you plan on being on the beach, lake or just playing in the sprinkler in the yard, hit up a neat shop SwimZip. They have UPF 50+ swim clothing with rash guards! No better brand to trust than SwimZip! Seriously. And as far as keeping little heads safe from summer rays, me and Izzy love Noxx beanies. I wear them and Izzy wears them! They are soft, breathable, and protect noggins from the sun! The mama behind the shop comes from Arizona, so she knows all there is to protecting tiny noggins that belong to our tiny humans! Check her out too!

FullSizeRender (4)

{Rad SwimZip outfit}


{Izzy in his rad Rasta beanie from Noxx}

 When it’s HOT, drink  M O R E.

In the summer months it is recommended that littles drink 50% more than during cooler months. So if you breastfeed, nurse more often. If you bottle feed, offer more bottles. And if you have an older little, offer water or frozen fruit juice! Izzy’s favorite cold summer time go to has become mini ice pops. He just loves them!

And the last tip I have for you is: pools.

Pools are a great way to let littles cool off. {Obviously NEVER leave a babe alone near or in a pool} They make tiny baby pools with shades attached, or you can snag a beach umbrella to cast shade over your pool, or even buy a large tent canopy. But as fun and fantastic as a nice dip in a pool is with your little, keep your nose up when visiting public pools. If you smell chlorine, chances are the chemicals can and/or will effect your babes sensitive skin. Sometimes its just best to visit families/friends personal pools, or purchase a pool suitable for your own yard! Izzy will hang out in anything that he can splash in! 😉

FullSizeRender (1)


Well that’s all we have for you right now friends! We hope you enjoyed our tips, and me and my little guy hope you and your families have an awesome summer and keep cool in this crazy summer heat! Happy summer!!!

Kelsey + Izzy


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