FriYaY Fashion-POP of Red!

Have you ever had those moments where you become ridiculously obsessed over something? Whether it’s a tv show, sports team, a new song you just heard etc. This is my current mood.

image1 (8)
Pictured above is my 9 month old daughter, Arabella. She’s my little muse and is 1/2 of the contributing factor in explaining my love for kids fashion.

Currently the color RED has been my “pop” of choice for my kids trend this summer.  While I thought pastels suited my summer needs, I was wrong!  There’s just something so vibrant and summery about red.  No matter how my four year old son and I dressed Arabella- the pop of red was a hit! It just exerts so much confidence while still being free spirited and fun!

In the collage, I showcased Arabella and her different wardrobe selections, all with a pop of red! Simply allowing you to see just how unique and fun you can be with your kids and their attire.

So if you’re feeling a little brave and adventurous this summer and not sure what colors to throw on… a little pop of red won’t hurt nobody!

Love to Love,


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