Stitch Fix… A Busy Mom’s Dream? Step 1-Personal Style Profile

I have to be honest… fashion has always been fun for me, but with my hectic schedule, I do not have much time to actually shop for those hip essentials! Not to mention Lafayette is BY FAR NOT the fashion capital. My options are very slim. One of the reasons we decided to be an online boutique…. check out our site for your little ones… !

The last 28 years of my life, I have dreamed of a personal stylist, but never thought I would have the means to be able to afford one. Much to my surprise, I have learned of a personal stylist for-hire!

From what I have read, Stitch Fix is genius! I started my Stitch Fix account and am working through the deets…

Headed over to and Signed Up! I was asked when I wanted to schedule to receive my “Fix.” Brilliant! I can control how often I receive these packages! If I lived in a dream world, I would have selected the most frequent option, but I went with every other month.

Step 1: Get Started with a Personal Style Quiz-here your personal stylist will get to know you!

Age, height, weight— okay, it’s not often I give out this information, BUT to the stylist working on making me look FABULOUS, she may have this information…only after signing a waver stating no measurements  will be shared….. a little overboard? Maybe so! I gave it to her anyway…28 yrs YOUNG, 5′ 4″ 1X5 lbs… yeah that’ll be kept between her and I!

Bra size-TOO DAMN BIG! Yes, that was my answer!

Dress size– 14/XL- did I really just reveal this? #curvygirls

Blouse/shirt size-12/L—^^^my hips are a KILLER!

How do you prefer clothes to fit the top half of your body? Preferred fit/showing my figure-I much prefer the top half of my bod!

What size do you wear pants, jeans and skirts? 14/32/L- ahhh I’m a little nervous-bottoms are my hardest to find the perfect fit! Let’s wish her luck!

Which length jean do you prefer? Ankle! Regular-maybe? Long-NEVER! #shortgirlproblems

Which rise jean do you prefer? Mid—ONLY! must cover the #mommypouch

Style of jean? Skinny or Straight-we are NOT going back to my elementary years when BELL BOTTOMS were in! NOPE! Nada! No Thanks!

Curvy on the bottom half? NO DOUBT! Thanks, MOM!!!

How do you characterize your proportions? Shoulders, Arms, Torso, Hips, Legs—broad, average, short, VERY VERY broad, short—respectively!

What do you think of the style below?

LOVE IT: basic neutral colors, nothing that would show my mid-drift area and all pieces I can wear just about with anything!

Casual Chic

Don’t Really Like It: not big on see through tops or the “shredded” sweater; love the pattern skirt and black dress and all accessories, but my worry is if I say I love it.. will I be sent the two mentioned pieces I am not fond of? I’ll stick to Don’t send this to me, s’Il vous plait (please)!


Like It: I actually like every piece but the gray dress. I love the print but not the style. I decided to go with Like It and not with Do Not Like because if I was sent the dress, I wouldn’t be upset-I would be open to the idea! After all, this momma needs a nice sexy dress from time-to-time…..


Like It: my reasoning for not going with Don’t Like It is again I would not be upset if some of the pieces I dislike were sent to me! The accessories are my favorite pieces, the tops–ehhhh they are okay, but not my top picks! It would work for me, though! The middle bag is a no-go for me, however!


Love It: Outfit 1, 2 AND 3! Send them all to me, por favor! Not only are outfit 1 and 2 in my FAVORITE COLOR FAMILY, but the style is PERFECTO! I LOVE LOVE the skirt, the shoes and the accessories! Cannot go wrong with this one my dear personal stylist!


Don’t Really Like It: I am especially not a fan of the first outfit and I definitely do not like the boots in the 2nd outfit the dress in the third outfit is okay, but I am not overly excited about it!


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!: I always SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! There is not a piece I do not like. It’s PERFECT for me! I am crazy in love with BOLD SOLID colors–why? Well, on my tight budget, I can work with these pieces in so many different ways! Once upon a time my closet was nothing but SOLID BLACK but over the years I have become brave and LOVE COLOR-BRIGHT color!


Which of the above do you LOVE? Don’t Really Like?  Maybe.. Maybe not?
Stay tuned on my journey to receiving my first “Fix”….. continuing Step 1
Much love from Louisiana,

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