Let’s Have A Circus Party

Here is @adh_j ‘s way of creating the PERFECT 1st BIRTHDAY party! Here’s why we LOVE APRIL: she’s extremely creative, loves being a mother and wife and is a God-send to us over at @paperplanelaneboutique! On top of her daily duties she also is a member of FotoBella.com ‘s Design Team and has her own blog at : onescrappysoul.blogspot.com !

Welcome to the Circus Party! 

“Da Da DaDaDaDa Da Da Da! Circus Afro! Circus Afro!” ~ Madagascar 3

I love a fun party theme, and when I plan parties I tend to run with it.  For my daughter Kirra’s 1st birthday party it was a Circus theme and man oh man was it a blast.  I wanted to have the look and feel of a circus, from the décor, guests, goodies and entertainment. 

As part of the décor, I really wanted to have a circus tent without renting an ACTUAL circus tent….(we do have our limits).  So after some brainstorming, my husband and came up with a way we could make it happen.  It took an EZ UP, a roll of plastic table cloth, and some magnets. 



Here’s what we did:  We put up our EZ Up and raised it only half way up.  We then rolled out the red plastic table cloth the lengths we needed and cut the pieces.  Then we draped the pieces across the roof of the ez up and secured them to the EZ Up frame with magnets.  We made the diagonal pieces long enough so they draped down and wrap around the legs.  This method worked perfectly and because we used really strong magnets, it held up to the breeze that came along throughout the day. 

My whole family got into it and we all wore costumes, but we wanted the guests to get involved with the theme without them feeling like they had to dress up to attend.  So, we set up what I call a “Photo Prop Stop”. 

IMG_7395 2


I took a plastic crate I already had at the house, had the kids round up any fun glasses, hats, wigs that we could use as photo props.  I didn’t want to go out and buy and bunch of stuff for this if I didn’t have to.  We managed to round up a couple of sunglasses from a Minecraft party we attended, a clown wig out of our Halloween costumes and some paper top hats.  What I did purchase was a bag of red clown noses from Amazon and an oversized clown tie.  This was a big hit with all the kids. 




What else do kids love at parties???  Goodie bags.  I put a lot of thought into the bags and tie them in with the party theme.  I couldn’t find the style goodie bag at the party stores, so I made my own.   

If you have a die cut machine, such as a Silhouette, you can find the cut file at the Silhouettedesignstore.com, it’s called “Lori Whitlock treat bag”.  If you don’t have a machine, here’s the template and you can cut it out with scissors. 

The cut file fits perfectly on a 12”x12” piece of paper, and the treat bag measures 7.7”x4”x1.5” when complete.  The dashed lines should be scored for easy folding.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.14.02 PM

I went with a polka dot patterned paper, and used a clown cut file also found at the Silhouette store.  But if you aren’t a clown fan, you can use any circus animal to put on the front of the bag.



Hope this inspires you to have your own Circus Party!       


2 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Circus Party

    • How awesome is that! Now you will have a few ideas to work with! Make sure you blog about! We want to see what you come up with! I LOVE watching someone take an idea and turning it into their own! Much love, Brandi


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