FriYaY Fashion-Denim

Jesrae Moylan is a WAHM (work at home mom) living on the beautiful island of Guam! She is the mommy of Apollo (4) and Arabella (soon to be 1).

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She moderates for @kids_of_our_world and has her own blog ! She gives back to local charities and has a heart of GOLD! You should check out her blog, trust me you will NOT be disappointed! She is also launching her own store by the end of this year! Be on the look out… I know I personally am ready to start shopping! Here is her first piece about the ever so wonderful DENIM:

What are your thoughts on denim? While style varies, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing–you can never go wrong with denim! For some reason I’ve come to label it as a safe zone fashion piece. It’s definitely an ever evolving look that I find so fun to piece together! Whether you want to dress up or look casually fun, denim outfits are well-rounded and can fit either occasion. 

Some people might thank that denim can be a tad bit boring or that you have to be careful on your color selections when mixing with denim as some colors might mesh too closely together. Although all that might be true, I feel what makes an outfit is entirely dependent on how well a person carries themselves in it. 

The awesome thing about denim is that it’s truly meant for everyone. It’s a fashion piece that can be simplistic, it can get edgy and when you really want to make a statement, it can become bold and fierce. 

So for those who have yet to try out the feel of denim or love denim but only style it in one way, I encourage you to be daring and try some fun new ways to rock this ever so stylish look! Oh and did I mention a great way to change a look is to just add accessories and change the style of shoes? It works every time! Hoping you enjoyed this FriYaY Fashion topic of choice. Have a DENIM loving weekend. 

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Love to Love, 



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