Pop’s PoBoy…a Louisiana MUST HAVE!

Food. Good food. Family friendly food aka food my extremely picky 3 year old will eat. These are the 3 things I look for when the words “We’re hungry!” come out of the mouths of my children no less than 72 times a day.
It’s easy to prepare a meal the kids will eat at home, but on the days we’re out running errands (or I’m lazy) this can be a daunting task. Do I want to feed them a chicken nugget kids meal from the same fast food restaurant for the 3rd time this week? (Don’t judge me!!) No, I do not, and not just because I know it’s not healthy, but because I cannot stomach another double cheeseburger! And sure there are tons of chain “deli” type restaurants around town, but sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes I want something fresh, something local, something besides a club sandwich and a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup (which I love, but just not all the time).
Luckily Lafayette is a town that has quite a few local spots to get your grub on. Plate lunches, Cajun cuisine, a good burger…but so many of these places are grab and go and not the best environment to drag your kids into before their afternoon melt down.
But I have found a great lunch spot! One where you can go grab a quick bite on your lunch break, take something to go if you’re in a hurry, or sit down and relax when you’ve been running around with your kids all day.
Pop’s Poboys, located in downtown Lafayette on Jefferson St, was opened just a few short months ago and is taking off! So I may have chosen this spot because I live with one of the chefs (my husband!) but it truly is a great lunch spot and super kid friendly! From the menu to the paper covering the tables waiting to be drawn on, everyone in your family is sure to enjoy it.

“Classic interpretations and exciting twists on Louisiana’s favorite sandwich plus starters, salads, sides, sweets and refreshing beverages all in a relaxed casual setting”- Pop’s 

They have killer appetizers
Depending on my mood I’ll usually choose between the Boudreaux, their version of a fried catfish poboy with an amazing blue cheese coleslaw, or The Jack Special; turkey, ham, and roast beef with smoked Gouda, dressed. WARNING these poboys are HUGE. I have yet to finish one! I can barely finish half. And have extra napkins on hand and roll up your sleeves. Eating these colossal sandwiches gets messy.
The Boudreaux
Banh Banh Shrimp
My kids go for a simpler option. Fries. We always get the house cut fries! The 5 year old likes the kids fried catfish and Mimi Mac. The 3 year old finicky eater loves the fried pickles and hush puppies or maybe the Bacon Brownies!!!
While you’re there don’t forget to draw on the table! Every table is covered with white butcher paper and has a cup full of crayons. Be creative, draw a picture, leave a message…have fun! The favorites are saved and taped to the wall in the back!!
So go, enjoy, eat local, and feed those picky kids!! And who knows…maybe you’ll run into me there (if there’s a cute little boy with long hair driving his toy trucks all over you, your table, the windows, and the walls say hi!). 
Pop’s website www.popspoboys.com

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