Summer Essentials

Thanks to Dianna @b.isforbryce for this write up on Summer Essentials!

It’s summertime! At the thought of summertime here in California, I find that it’s a ‘love hate’ type deal for me. In between vacationing the beautiful beaches, camping, and the endless list of other amazing things you can do here, what’s there to hate?

These three little words seem to resonate in my mind; it gets hot.

One of the first thing that comes to mind when preparing for the Summertime is Bryce; he needs to
have those Summer essential products in order for the Summer to be a success in my book!

From both Functional and fashion forward, I have complied a list of our summertime must-haves in regard to fashion to keep our little one’s cool- in every sense of the word. Of course being an avid ‘shopping small’ mom, all of the pieces you will see on this list are from amazing shops you can find on Instagram.

1). Fun Tank Tops!
When it comes to tank tops, it’s hard to beat a tank that has a design with a summertime twist on a bright colored shirt. This combination is exactly what these fun tanks from @zm_apparel has! These soft and lightweight racerbacks are the perfect summertime necessity to add to your little ones wardrobe; musically inclined or not, you’re bound to fall in love with them! Like my personal favorite, ” Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat”.  Use code: ZM5OFF for $5 off your purchase at @zm_apparel

image1 (1)

2).  What’s a Summertime outfit without a pair of rad shorts? Not a thing! It’s great to see shops incorporating unique and fun designs to their items! Like these very cool harem shorts from @birdsandbunny They even offer fabrics designed by none other than themselves- If that’s not exclusive, I don’t know what is! They’re also organic cotton so rest assured they are soft and comfy for your little one. I know my little guy will have a lineup of fun shorts like these to incorporate into his summer outfits- these are a must have! Use code: PAPERPLANE for 20% off your purchase over at @birdsandbunny


3). You absolutely cannot forget your sunglasses! These sunglasses from @fjs_popshop will guarantee your little one not only protecting their eyes with style, but making a statement everywhere they go this Summer, (and every other season, for that matter). Not to mention they come in an array fun colors and styles to choose from! Use code: PAPERPLANELOVE for 15% off your purchase over at @fjs_popshop


4). Last but certainly not least, footwear! What better shoes to wear this Summer than ones that are easy to put on and take off, and are offered in several amazing colors! These mocc’s from @paperplanelaneboutique are available for the tiniest of feet, to toddler toesies (is that a word?) and beyond! These premium homemade leather moccasins are an all time staple to any, and every outfit! Which color is your favorite? I bet you can’t decide! Use code: CHERBEBEFEATURE for 10% off at @paperplanelaneboutique



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