Little Yogis…

Lately I have taken an interest in living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve always known that eating right and keeping active is the smart way to live.  Recently, I have come to realize that I am in need of spiritual exercise as well. So the search was on… I needed to find a way to exercise my “inner self.”

I spent some time on the internet searching to no avail. I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for that “third leg.” He mentioned that in his free time he practiced yoga. And there is where my interest started.

Over the last year, I focused on eating healthier and becoming more physically active. My son has learned my ways and often begs to exercise (only when mommy has no desire to get out of bed much less run a marathon)!  I always try to include my son in whichever activity I partake in.

So here is how I learned to include my son while practicing yoga (for beginners, of course!)

1) FUN-isn’t this the key to everything child-related?

2) TIME- not too long. He’ll get bored.


  •       POSING- when I first started doing the DOWNWARD DOG stretching pose I had him mimic what momma was doing . The UPWARD DOG pose was next and he loved it just as much!
  •      CHANTING- have him sing along with me. This is my son’s favorite part!
  •       MEDITATE- when in “the zone,” I have him sit in my lap and meditate with me. Believe it or not he enjoys it as much as I do. He doesn’t quite understand the reasoning, but it sure is peaceful!

Just remember, whatever exercise you are practicing, always include your children. It’s the only way to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their future!

…..and one more tip… don’t forget your yoga mat…but which one??? ahhhh—that’s for the more experienced yogi… until then, Namaste on!

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6 thoughts on “Little Yogis…

  1. I too have to start getting fit! I liked this post a lot! I have a son too 🙂 he’s 4 yrs old and is so silly, I think yoga would be such an amusement for him and I would probably be able to concentrate. I was actually looking into this myself but did not know how to go about it. This helps!

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