Peaceful Traveling

It’s been CRAZY these last couple of weeks… school ending, summer starting, possible new business ventures (eeeeeeeekkkkkk) and the MOST EXCITING….  vacation planning. If you know me at all-you know that traveling is my PASSION; If I could make a living traveling, I would do it in a heartbeat(being a professional student is #2). My creative juices are still working on how to make that dream a reality, though. When asked where I want to travel my answer is ALWAYS—anywhere life takes me. That could not be more honest of an answer. I do have a few places that are on my MUST VISIT list-like Alaska, Thailand, Japan, Australia and Egypt……. right along side the IF I GET RICH list, but I’ll save the details for another post. Vacation Planning…maybe not this summer-this momma is trying to get her business up and running full force by the end of the year. With that comes much sacrifice. With sacrifice comes….well dreaming of those future destinations ………  and reminiscing of past trips! I thought I’d bring you guys back to 2004 when I visited Greece and Italy-the trip of a LIFE TIME! I’ll spare you ALL the details and share with you some of the highlights of the trip. Photo credit goes to my business partner’s husband, @mattjlandry. He’s the BEST ever at photography and just so happened to have traveled to Greece and Italy more recently then I—so I borrowed a few! I spent only 2 nights and 3 days in Greece. I honestly wish I would have stayed longer. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the food and the views were breathtaking! Two of my favorite spots we visited were Nafpoli and Athens…. check out this AMAZING photos by Matt!

Nafpoli, Greece

photo (36)

Athena, Greece:

photo (37)

Yes, these are REAL LIFE photos…he’s AMAZING.. I swear he is! And of course, Italy was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES of my life! We spent an entire week exploring cities, tasting the cuisine and soaking in the culture!

Vatican City was our first stop. I was blessed to be able to attend Mass on Easter Sunday with the late Pope John Paul II.  It was one of the most peaceful times in my life.

photo (38)

The Colosseum

photo (40)

11 years ago I did not get to go inside this beauty because of weather, however Matt and Stacy were able to. Matt captured this STUNNING image… I MUST go back one day!

Pantheon, Roma

photo (39)

I was able to see this beauty first-hand and this picture does not do it justice. AMAZING at the very least!

Sorrento, Italy

photo (42)

We all know that Italian (and Greek) cuisine is superb!  As you can see here, everything is MOUTHWATERING! And for my FAVORITE spots …. Capri Island and Pompeii! Capri Island is beyond GORGEOUS! I can see the MOUNTAIN GOAT watching over our boat as we cruised on by! Check out @mattjlandry ‘s IG account.. he has plenty of pictures and a  video of their boat ride in this EXACT spot!

photo (41)

Pompeii, Naples

photo (43)

Pompeii was my second favorite place visited. It’s AMAZING to walk through the ruins of the city that was preserved in ash after all these years. My brain cannot wrap around it! And my all time favorite part of the trip was the THIRST QUENCHING FRESH LEMONADE in Pompeii! Y’all… to DIE FOR! The best I have EVER had! My mouth waters after 11 years! It’s that GREAT!

photo (45)

Hope you guys enjoyed living through these pictures (as I have)! We traveled with @goaheadtours and highly recommend them! You will NOT be disappointed! My next trip booked is Barcelona, Spain and boy am I a kid in a candy shop! Bon voyage, Brandi


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