Top 5 of #shoppingsmall

If you are reading this blog you are probably a seasoned Instagram shopper… But there are some things these small shops offer that you can not get anywhere else! I thought for Fashion Friday I would share my TOP 5 favorite things I LOVE about shopping small. So without further ado! 
1. Harems– I shop a lot. I also shop everywhere. Online is the only place I’ve been able to find these awesome pants. They are the perfect pants or shorts for little kids. I can not wait to get the short version too! They are so loose and comfortable and yet so stylish.  I also love how they are for boys or girls. Seriously the best place to get these is @paperplanelaneboutique. There are sooo many to choose from. Nathan has both of the colors of the star prince Harems. I really need to get those awesome black and white zipper Harem’s too!
2. Coordinating shirts/outfits– OMG… I seriously love the shirts. The first ones I ever bought were from @indienook. The BFF shirts. I still love them. They also have shirts from @themagpiecompany that say “See you later alligator. After a while crocodile.”
 I also love the child parent shirts that go together. The one that I love the most is the “you belong with me. I belong with you.” from @ezraandeli.
3. Those great sayings– I don’t even know where to start with this one. There are just so many. Brody’s favorite shirt that he has his from @little.macks.. It says “Hella good hair”. For Nathan I currently love the “I’m a three-nager” from @sk8king_ That shirt… Is beyond fitting 😂. Oh I can not forget @trilogydesignco We have sooo many tees that say “Pretty Boy Swag” …because it’s perfectly fits my little handsome boys, haha. One of the first tees that drew me to @paperplanelaneboutique was the “peace love and naps” that sums up my life for the past 7 years!
Sayings (1)PBSwag
4. Personalization– I mean personalization in every sense of the word. Not just colors or prints, but names?! If I can find something with a name Brody on it… You can bet I’m buying it. This is so awesome for all of us parents that named our kids something weird… (Eh I mean not traditional 😁) Brody got a scarf from  @bucaroos and the moment he saw HIS name he was soooo happy. When Nathan had his surgery I also got PJs from @bucaroos that said Nathan 100 times incase his ID bracelet fell off… (Kidding lol… Well kinda) everyone in the hospital loved them. It’s also awesome to get stuff personalized in other ways too. I love how I can decide if I want the print to go up-and-down or horizontal. Or the sleeves can be a different color or length.
For our annual holiday pictures I was obsessed with everyone wearing buffalo plaid something. I could not have done it without all of my Instagram shopping! The shopping possibilities from the small shops on Instagram are endless… And I LOVE it!
5. Moccasins– ah this beautiful little shoe. Where were these three years ago?! It doesn’t matter… Nathan can still fit into them haha. These are so awesome. The colors, and shapes are just so stylish. It is now possible to coordinate shoes to every outfit. I have to be honest though, the teeny tiny ones are just amazingly cute. If you still haven’t purchase these yet head over to @paperplanelaneboutique they have awesome colors AND are affordable!

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