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We are a day late with this post, but it’s better late than never, right? This piece is written by our third contributor, Mrs. Erika Lowe. Some of you IG followers better know her as @trendytyler. Erika is a very STRONG and BEAUTIFUL lady! We met shortly after starting up @paperplanelaneboutique and INSTANTLY fell in LOVE with her and the ADORBS Tyler!

This “shop spotlight” she has chosen is a direct reflection of her beautiful SOUL as is quite evident in this photo of her!

photo (16)

So, without further ado, happy reading…..

Shop Spotlight: Learn Live Hope Apparel

Happy Fashion Friday!  Today we are spotlighting an awesome mama who owns Learn Live Hope Apparel, a small shop that sells onesies/shirts for little ones and adults alike. I definitely dig her positive point of view, charming tees and inspiring journey thus far. The beloved, BE Yourself tee is my personal favorite. I love the clean design that focuses on this great message.

Angela Champion, a native of Denver Colorado, is the founder and designer of Learn Live Hope Apparel, which is named after her personal motto, “Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.” I had the pleasure of talking to her about her shop.  She is a former preschool teacher, wife of 5 years to her husband Chris and mom to her 1 year old, Caleb. Angela felt compelled to use her creativity and start her shop a few months after giving birth to her son and becoming a stay at home mom:

My whole life now revolved around this little human and everything that I did was for him. So it was natural that he, along with my hopes for him, were behind the initial inspiration for my shop. I loved the idea of being able to create something that I not only thought was cute, but had a message behind it. Most importantly, I could do it in my own time, at home and still dedicate all my other time to my son. The Be Yourself design was the very first one I made. I think above all else, I hope my son always feels free to be himself in this world and throughout his always stay true to himself and his beliefs. For my baby shower, I received a book titled Be Yourself and all the guests signed it, many nights when I was still pregnant I read to him. So it has such a special meaning to me, and he even has a wood sign in his room with the phrase. So naturally, that is where it all began, and in every design since, Caleb is at the root of it. Whether it’s the wonder I see when he discovers new things (Full of Wonder design), or the simple fact that he has entered toddlerhood (Tiny Tornado design), all [of] my designs come from a place of love that only we as mother’s can understand.

DSC_0565 DSC_0916

Angela’s husband Chris, has served in the Army for 7 and a half years and is currently fulfilling the duties of his 4th deployment. He stepped on an IED during his second term, which resulted in the amputation of his left leg, below the knee. Chris has made great progress during recovery and being active duty as well. What’s next? Angela and her family are planning to transition into civilian life and hope that her shop helps her family during this time.

My husband has always done a wonderful job of providing for me, but it would mean so much if I could help even just a little. I want to not only make myself proud, but eventually my husband, and my son as well. Furthermore, I would love to get to a place where I am able to give back to others and work with some local charities. I have loved the new adventures and every time I see others’ children in my designs, it truly warms my heart!


IMG_20141127_191106 (1)

10609621_10202483975958951_8770541082398909177_n (1)

Every product that is made by a small shop business owner is from the heart and has a story behind its inception. I love the relatable nature of each tee and I am inspired by her and all of you awesome moms!

Thanks so much to Angela for allowing me to feature her on the blog today and sharing your life with us. Your shop is destined for success and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


If you haven’t checked out @learnlivehopeapparel on Instagram, you are in for a treat! She is offering a discount which is valid until the end of today enter code: PPL15  to receive 15% off of your entire purchase.

Erika Lowe


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