To WebMD or Not To WebMD

One of the things I love most about the internet is connecting with other moms. At 30 years old it seems like it’s easier to make a mom friend via the Internet instead of real life. Which I guess is kind of scary. 😂 I have a handful of real life mom friends that are great. But if I am in search of a particular clothing item (ISO!!) or if I need an answer quick, all I have to do is post it on Instagram, blog post, or my Facebook status. A few minutes later… My problem is solved! It’s really kind of amazing.

The ONE time the internet can fail you (especially as a mom) is when you google or post about your child’s health. I think we have all have went to WebMD for our “urgent” medical advice for ourselves, but it’s a whole other ball game when it’s your little.

So here’s my story… Nathan (age 3) and Brody (age 5) share a room. Brody has always been so easy to get to sleep, and stay asleep. Nathan has been the opposite. Always the last to fall asleep and the first up. Then he would nap often, which was awful. He was never on a schedule. Brody started saying Nathan’s snoring woke him up at night. At the time Nathan was only 2 years old. I was pretty sure 2 year olds should NOT snore.

Nathan had gotten strep throat a few times back to back. Our last time there I mentioned the snoring and they suggested a pediatric ears nose and throat doctor (ENT). So off to John Hopkins hospital we went…

They looked in his throat to see HUGE tonsils. Our next step was an overnight at a sleep center. There they hooked him up to over a dozen leads all over his body, but mostly to his head.


He did pretty good!

Two weeks later the results were in. Nathan had obstructive sleep apnea. He needed surgery to have a complete removal of his tonsils and add noise. They told me it would be an overnight stay in the hospital and a long and painful recovery. Sounds Awful.

The surgery was booked for February 17th. I was so nervous leading up to that week… And of course he woke up February 15th SICK. Had a fever, ear infection and some other virus.… Surgery Canceled.

Back to square one. Surgery scheduled for March 17th something weird with our insurance and the referral was not going to be received in time. Surgery canceled.

The surgery will be rescheduled soon. But this has been such a long road.

This experience (that seems far from being over) is such a huge deal to me. But it really puts things in perspective, when I see all these poor babies so sick online. I don’t know how these parents do it. I’m over here freaking out about “minor” surgery.

As moms we are all going through something. Sometimes it can be great, and sometimes it can be bad… And sometimes it’s great to just stop and lose yourself in the internet. Recharge, and do it all again tomorrow.



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