@officiallyoutnumbered ……. Contributor # 2

Our dear friend Amber over @officiallyoutnumbered has agreed to help us out with our blog (I HIGHLY doubt she knows how DEMANDING we are…. 😉 ) — some time tomorrow you will be able to read a post about her WebMD’ing experience…. something we ALL can relate to!

photo (3)  Here is her trio—-Brody, Nathan and Alexa

She is an adventurous one…shortly after meeting her hubby in college….she spent the summer in Vegas…he worked as a dealer in the World Series of Poker while she….wellllll…….SHOPPED! IDK what sounds more exciting…poker…or shopping…. wanna guess what my vote is?

Oh, let’s not forget she went into labor during a FINAL… hmmm momma…. cutting it close, eh?!!! and the most adventurous of all…. deciding to be a part of @paperplanelaneboutique FAMILY! Sista, we hope you know what you are getting yourself into… we cannot always promise flowers and rainbows, but we can promise fun, loving and EXCITING!

And for the heck of it… a few pics of her little Nate ROCKIN our very popular STAR HAREMS and @momesstore Sheriff tee!

photo (14) photo (13)

Until next flight,



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