Pin It, Tweet It, Like It, #Hashtag It

Social Media is where it is nowadays… the old fashioned word-of-mouth is a thing of the past…. If you want your name out there—Pin It, Tweet It, Like It, #Hashtag It!

pinterest-logo-glitter-meets-glue-designsPinning is for the dreamer-–the one who dreams of the perfect home, the perfect family and the perfect life. 

twitterTweeting is for the celebrity-bashing people out there— okay, we realize twitter is used for more than letting the world know that one of the Kardashians is going through a major crisis, but let’s be real here—-the most HILARIOUS tweets are what is circulated in the social media world–I know I never hear about the cute baby kitten that was rescued from the 10 foot tall building on twitter—unless of course Shemar Moore is the one climbing the tree…THEN we may hear about it 😉


like it on facebook   Liking is for the high school drama queen focused on having as many friends as humanly possible while sharing, tagging and commenting on every picture, story and video posted to their time line. BORING! We secretly LOVE Facebook people, calm down!

Instagram-jpgAnd finally #hashtagging is for users of Instagram (IG) who want to connect with a large community of like-minded individuals that share similar interests, such as #kidsfashion. Hence, our large following on IG–it’s where we were born—– no other social media network has grown like our IG following. No other social media network has created life-time relationships like IG! And for that, we want to say THANK YOU, GRACIAS, MERCI, GRAZIE, DANKE, GRATIAS AGO TIBI (thank you google translate)…..and so we have set up a discount code that can be used for the next 7 days… to say THANKS to all our IG FAMILY…. IGFAMILY10 will get you 10% of the next purchase if made within the next 7 days (US only)….and FINALLY you now know where we were going with this post…

It is our goal to increase our social media presence over the summer and reach many more people. Be on the look out for a post on how to use social media to build your brand (this would be one of those off course topics—ADD momma here! ) in the very near future!

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#signingout #brandi


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