Hello Again…

It’s been quite some time since we last posted—-and for that we want to apologize… We know you guys LOVE us sooooo much that you were starting to have withdrawals from not having AMAZING posts to read…. (okay, we kid, just fluffing our own feathers a bit :)) ….the truth is we were not sure which direction we wanted to go in… focus on Paper Plan Lane, focus on being mommies (I mean who doesn’t like to read about a tired, overwhelmed momma that probably will not make it to the end of the day without a nervous breakdown or two) ….focus on fashion…. how-tos….. DIYs…amongst many other topics.. after much advice from wonderful mommas like Revital (@jon_beau) and Andrea (@luckyfacethreads) we have decided to focus on a few areas and incorporate as much of the above as possible. We promise to go off course at times and to write about some off-the-wall topic to keep it spicy (us CAJUNS we LOVE spice cher!) but at the end of the day we just want you guys to enjoy what we have to say. If we make ONE person a day SMILE and forget all of their worries for even a split second, we have successfully done our job.

So, if you are following us, this is what you can expect to read about each week…. Mom Mondays…we HAD to dedicate one day to us BEAUTIFUL, STRONG WOMEN! You never know what you may read here, but we PROMISE to keep it clean, fun and entertaining (most of the time)! Work-It Wednesday….here we wanted to throw in a dash of sass… I mean I think women with sass is just, well…. HOTT…and empowering… and HOTT …. and as the owner of a children’s boutique, we could not NOT (is that right??)  dedicate one day a week to a FASHION post… you’ll see shots of our brand reps, features of other fashion blogs and/or shops and even about HOTTEST TRENDS going on around the world. As mentioned in previous posts, wanderlust runs deep in my bones…. so if I cannot touch every part of the world at this time in my life, well then I will bring the WORLD to ME…. and to you, our beloved readers, of course!

All this sounds like lots of fun and games and trust me—it will be, but we must face reality—us mommas know—anything we do takes lots and lots of work… and after reading a few books on how to best maintain my busy schedule (future blog post????) we realize we cannot do this alone! Soooooo here is our SURPRISE to you…. we have decided to bring on board  a few blog contributors/guest bloggers to help keep our blog FUN!  We wanted to mix things up a bit. Add a little spice to the pot (yep, a true CAJUN here…. spice is an INTEGRAL part of my life), and to give y’all (there I go again with the Louisiana slang) the chance to meet other AMAZING mommas that we have been blessed to have met over the last 5 months!

Our first contributor, Mrs. Revital (@jon_beau) is our dearest Canadian friend! She has two HANDSOME fellas, Nate and Benjamin,  that have been FUN Co-Pilots for our brand (@paperplanelaneboutique) ! She has given wonderful advise on how to get our names out there and we could not be more appreciative! Here is the 411 on Rev:

—-She and her family reside in King City, Ontario—a suburb of the FANTABULOUS city of Toronto. She is very fun, witty and young at heart we promise we will NEVER reveal your TRUE age dear… we ALL know that age is only a NUMBER…..right?!?!—she loves dogs and cats, but DO NOT bring a reptile around her… she’s not a fan… no way, no how! She also has a blog of her own…. which you can find here: blurbpress.ca that is incredibly FUN to read! She has a BEAUTIFUL SOUL. She is part of our IG FAMILY and although she is thousands of miles (I think….)away from us, it feels as though she is part of the family.

We have a few other contributors that we will be introducing in future posts this week, but for now I believe we will sign off. Be on the look out… Rev’s first post will be hitting the blog some time tomorrow.. and we are excited for y’all to let us know all about it!

Singing off with Much Love from Louisiana,



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