We all know that us mommas can NEVER have a SICK day…it just doesn’t exist…… here is Rev’s experience of the “that mom cold:”

This week I got my toddlers cold.

I very seldom get sick, so when I do it is bad.

When I was younger it was never a problem.

A cold was a great reason for me to stay home and catch up on my favorite shows or read that spicy romance novel that I had put aside.

My mom would always come through with the worlds best chicken noodle soup and constant refills of my tea with honey and lemon.

It was really a stay cay with a runny nose.

Being a mom has changed that drastically.

Today getting a cold means having to get up early and make sure that everybody in the house is changed, dressed, fed and happy before I can even fathom putting the kettle on for some tea.

As I start filling the kettle my toddler jumps off of something that he shouldn’t have and injures himself while simultaneously breaking a lamp.

Through the haze of my congestion I manage to calm him down while making sure that my baby doesn’t crawl into the broken glass shards from the lamp.

At this point my exhaustion is palpable and for the first time in a long time it has nothing to do with the kids.

I start to giggle about how ironic it is that the one night I could have gotten the golden eight hours that I dream about during my four hour sleeps is the night I can’t sleep due to a cold!

I now put the boys for a nap that they fight for a good half hour.

They finally fall asleep, now I can sleep right?


I get the honor of making myself a big pot of chicken noodle soup so that I can finally eat something.

In the process I do two loads of laundry and clean the floors.

Once I am finally done with all of that I pour myself a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

I get a couple of spoonful’s down and of course both boys are up.


I convince myself that a small fever, coughing fits and sneeze attacks are not so bad and I go on about my business.

The end of the day does come, I promise.

As I lay in bed with my cup of tea and my box of tissue I come to terms with the fact that things have changed.

My colds are no longer a glamorous stay cay but rather a hectic, loud, and busy day with two sweet little humans.


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