Brand Rep Search

Well, within a few days of OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING our new shop, Paper Plane Lane, we were contacted by many asking to become brand reps for our line of clothing. Stacy and I discussed a few details and decided we should host our very first BRAND REP SEARCH!

We did NOT expect OVER 3000 photos …OVERWHELMING it was; we took 4 days to narrow down to 20 BOYS and 20 GIRLS… YES…40 TOP participants…… and then we had a dear friend from Bannanie Bands make the final decision. We wanted to select EVERYONE, but knew we just could not!

We decided on 5 BOYS and 5 GIRLS! Here, we feature our YOUNGEST BOY PILOT, Mr. Carter:

image10 He will be 8 months at the beginning of January!

Here he is styled with our very own BEAU HUDSON cardigan (coming soon to our shop) and a CUSTOM dapper dude BOWTIE by our dear friends over at @bannaniebands….other CUSTOM dapper dude bowties  are CURRENTLY AVAILABLE in shop! He is also ROCKIN’ the RAD MUSTARD leggings from @wildchildthreads!



photo (2)



In the above two pictures he is just ROCKIN’ our STYLISH YELLOW STAR INFINITY SCARF! Perfect to add POP to any RAD #ootd! He is also sportin’ the onesie by @trilogydesignco from @rockaboyapparel, leggings from @trendybubs and a totally AWESOME beanie from @brickyardbuffalo!

Some more about @thatbabycarter:

He was born the DAY his daddy graduated from college (GOOO daddy!!!!) and shares his birthday with his grandmaw! He and his family live in the EXCITING city of LAS VEGAS! (We will make it out there one day…PROMISE!). Carter and his momma, Jessica, have been one of our most LOYAL supporters and we look forward to working with them in the future!

Signing off……_brandi


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