THANK YOU!!!..1000 followers overnight, 5000 by end of week ONE

………..and 7000+ followers by the end of MONTH ONE! UNBELIEVABLE is what it is!

We want to THANK each and every one of our supporters! We are both in disbelief! We NEVER imagined this response!

We are on board a few online communities, INSTAGRAM being one of them. Anyone who is a part of this community understands what it takes to have a large following…. so I am sure you can imagine the shock we felt when we woke up to 1000 FOLLOWERS on INSTAGRAM the very first morning after we made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. At this moment we knew that we had to show our gratitude and decided to give away one of our STYLISH bowties and one item for every 1000 followers after.

To our surprise, we were not able to announce the winner of the first giveaway before we were having to decide on and announce the second giveaway. Our supporters are that GREAT! Who would have thought we would have such an overwhelming response! We could not be more EXCITED!!!

By the end of month ONE we had over 7000 followers, had successfully completed a BRAND REP   SEARCH, had to RESTOCK over half our inventory, AND had received wholesale inquiries! We are BEYOND BLESSED!

Excited for what’s to come…..



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